How To Be Smart And Stay Sane At A Wedding Expo

How To Be Smart And Stay Sane At A Wedding Expo

09 December

You’re getting married—congratulations! After you’ve spread the good news, you’ll likely want to start planning your wedding. One of the most convenient ways to search for any vendor or rental supplies you need is through a wedding exposition. Wedding expos—also called bridal shows—gather dozens of vendors in one location for you and your partner to consider. You’ll walk away with fantastic ideas for your own wedding, and possibly even a vendor contract. Before you go, read these five tips to make the most of your expo experience and enjoy yourself, too.

  1. Eat Beforehand Yes, you’ll enjoy dozens of hors d’oeuvres and cake samples at a wedding expo. However, you’ll also have to wait in line for what’s likely to be a single bite. Avoid hunger grouchiness and have a light but satisfying meal before you go.
  2. Bring Water Some expo venues will provide bottles of water or have drinking fountains on the premise. However, provided water is not a guarantee, and expos can last hours. Bring a water bottle and take sips before you feel thirsty to keep your energy up and your spirits high. If you flavor your water with citrus, it’ll also act as a palate cleanser between bites of buttercream frosting or sips of sparkling wines.
  3. Browse Smartly Yes, that DJ booth does have a Hummer stretch limo for you to walk through, but you already have your musicians booked. When you arrive at the expo, beeline for whatever you’re still considering. Wedding expos are often large and can feel overwhelming after awhile. It’s better to start with the florist or photographer you still need when you’re feeling your most energized. If you’re still alert later on, go ahead and check out the other cool displays for fun.
  4. Take Notes and Pictures You found the perfect dessert display at one of the booths. But will you definitely remember the name of that bakery when you’re ready to order weeks or even months after the expo? Don’t waste time searching the expo website trying to conjure up the name or location of your favorite vendors. Grab a business card and write down exactly why you’re excited about this vendor. Better yet, take a business card and—with permission—a picture of what the vendor is offering.
  5. Use a Secondary Email Of course you want to win a full set of that gorgeous china, or plane tickets to the Bahamas. All you have to do to enter the sweepstakes is write down your name and email address! Know in advance, though, that when you give out your information, you could get emails from vendors long after you’re already married. To avoid a cluttered inbox, create a secondary email that’s just for your wedding planning. You’ll feel better organized when you can see all your vendor confirmations and idea swaps in one place, and you won’t have to wonder why the venue you didn’t choose is emailing you two years after you’ve tied the knot.

Wedding expos, at places like Georgios Banquets Comfort Inn & Conference Center, are excellent opportunities to find great ideas and excellent vendors. Show up prepared and spend your time wisely. You’ll have fun and walk away with a better plan for your wedding.

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