Three Things Not To Do To Your Taxi Driver

Three Things Not To Do To Your Taxi Driver

18 December

Hailing a taxi is an effort within itself. After finally getting a taxi from a company like Safety Taxi LLC, the only thing you want to do is enjoy your ride. However, you have the power to make your taxi ride anything, but enjoyable. How well you interact with your driver will determine just how enjoyable your ride is. Knowing what not to do to your taxi driver will make all the difference.

Talking Machine

On a busy day, a taxi driver may have a host of passengers. At some point, the appeal of small talk may begin to wear off. While most drivers will greet you and be courteous, they may be less than excited to hear about all the events of your day.

Instead of being a talking machine, look for subtle cues the driver may be giving you. If the driver is starting or continuing the conversation, by all means, indulge. However, if the driver doesn’t really seem interested in talking, just sit back and enjoy your ride.

Backseat Navigator

Your taxi driver is in the business of driving. The average driver knows the city and traffic conditions like the back of their hand. Your input could be perceived as you trying to tell the driver how to do their job. In most cases, they really don’t need your assistance determining the best way to get you to your destination.

Avoid giving the driver any input unless they ask you. If the driver is unfamiliar with the particular area where you’re asking to go, you can then offer your feedback. Otherwise, your role as backseat navigator might not be welcomed.

Disrespectful Passenger

Always make certain that you aren’t being a disrespectful passenger. For the taxi driver, their taxi is their office. You wouldn’t want someone to come into your office space and be disrespectful, so extend the same courtesy to the driver. Save your heavy meals for the table, not the backseat of the taxi.

Greasy or heavy sauce covered foods could end up splattering on the seat. Limit your meals to small snacks that are easy to contain. Whenever you’re done eating, make certain you take all your trash with you. Make it a point to leave the taxi in the same condition as it was when you first got inside.

Being the best passenger will make your taxi experience better overall. Treat your driver the same way you want to be treated and everything else should work out fine.

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