Taxi Services Remain The Best Choice For Disabled Passengers

Taxi Services Remain The Best Choice For Disabled Passengers

05 January

If you’re planning an outing with family members or friends who are disabled, and you’re thinking of calling a ridesharing company instead of a taxi service, stop. While ridesharing companies have made hailing a ride simple for some people, that hasn’t translated into better service for everyone, especially disabled people. Taxi services, on the other hand, are equipped to transport most disabled people. New technology and a longstanding relationship with the disabled community in most cities make taxi services a faster and more secure way for disabled people to travel.

Wheelchair Vans

The most obvious advantage that taxi services offer is that they usually have several wheelchair vans in service. Some cities have struck deals with local taxi services to ensure that the services increase their wheelchair van fleet, such as New York City’s settlement to have 50 percent of taxi fleets be wheelchair-accessible vans. This is very helpful for disabled people, even if they do not use wheelchairs, because it means more and more vehicles will be able to accommodate them, their service animals, and any equipment they need to get around.

Rideshare companies do not always have that. In fact, SFGate noted in early 2014 that the rideshare companies let drivers refuse to transport service animals, which is a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act. In the same article, SFGate reported that ridesharing companies were taking steps such as allowing people to hail wheelchair-accessible vehicles with their apps, but then the story quoted a public transit manager who pointed out that the app development was pointless because the companies still didn’t have vehicles that could carry wheelchair-bound passengers.

This presents a big problem for you. Even if hailing a rideshare service is easy and quick, it makes no sense if the car can’t transport your disabled family member or friend. If you really want to go out and do something that includes this person, taking a taxi is going to be the best choice.

Stable Fares

Another advantage of using a taxi service is that the fare will remain stable. Ridesharing companies can change fares depending on the time or day, and on whether the customers need special accommodations such as handicapped-accessible transportation.

This increase in fares can wipe out your budget for the day or make the ride too expensive for the person who needs the disabled-access vehicle. Taxi services can transport you and your family member or friend for a much more economical price and in a more comfortable situation as well. Rather than trying to force your family member or friend to use a service that does not always serve them well, use a taxi service and have a nice day out. Read on to get more info.

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