4 Ways To Make Sure Your Charter Bus And Your Cruise Get Along

4 Ways To Make Sure Your Charter Bus And Your Cruise Get Along

25 February

Are you about to embark upon a cruise to exotic and fun ports of call? Charter buses and cruises go together like peanut butter and jelly; a charter bus is the perfect way to experience a port without the uncertainty of exploring on your own. But you can still run into trouble if your charter bus tour is late! Make sure that your charter bus and your cruise work together by following these easy tips.

1. Always Notify the Driver

Whether or not you’ve mentioned it during your booking, you should tell your driver exactly when you need to get back and why. Your driver may not have seen the notes on your account or may simply have forgotten; it’s best that you remind him or her that you have a cruise to catch. 

2. Always Stay Close to the Ship

It’s better to take a longer tour that’s close by than a shorter tour that’s far away. It’s not just about the amount of time that it takes for the tour — it’s also about what could go wrong. If you break down close to the ship, the ship can make arrangements to get you back to the port before you have to leave. If you break down far away, however, you may have very few options.

3. Have a Backup Plan

What happens when a tour runs late or gets interrupted? What happens if you actually lose your tour guide? You should always have a backup plan that includes a list of emergency numbers to call. Don’t just assume you can find public transportation or a taxi service; there are areas in which those services are quite rare! You should also have the number of the cruise operator at hand so that you can apprise them of your situation.

4. Try to Go With Sister Companies

There are many sister companies that operate in concert with the cruise ship. While they may not always be the cheapest option, they are almost always the safest — these companies will be certain that you make it back to the ship. It’s far riskier to try to save money by going with a third party charter tour service and potentially missing the boat.  Some cruise ships even offer their own charter tours!

When in doubt, always ask a cruise guide before you book your charter tour. There are some tours that just don’t play well with cruises; your cruise company will be able to give you options that work better for their schedule. Also make sure you talk to the charter bus company, one like Werner Coach.

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