How To Manage An Airport-To-Airport Transfer

How To Manage An Airport-To-Airport Transfer

13 May

Occasionally, you may end up in a difficult situation — the airport-to-airport transfer. When you travel, sometimes you can find it cheaper, more expedient or simply required to fly into a city from one airport and out of the city from another. The difficulty inherent in this type of transfer is largely due to timing, but that’s not the only problem; you also need to manage baggage and go through multiple security checks, often in an unfamiliar location.

Always Call Your Airport Taxi or Shuttle First

Don’t leave things to chance. When you’ve made your arrangements, contact an airport taxi or airport shuttle service, such as Broadway Cab, immediately and ask them for their advice. They may be able to schedule you in to ensure that you reach your destination. It’s also a good idea to have the gate call directly to the airport shuttle or taxi service once you land, so that they are already waiting for you by the time you get outside.

Try to Fly With No Baggage

Yes, it can be difficult — but flying with only carry-on baggage will significantly reduce the potential for issues. You never know when baggage may be delayed at baggage claim, and that could make you miss your next flight entirely — there’s no way to automatically transfer your baggage from plane to plane when you’re doing an airport-to-airport transfer. If you’re using carry-on luggage, you should make absolutely certain that it is below weight and size requirements for both airlines. If you’re forced to check your luggage, you might end up in the same situation.

Spring for Priority Services 

Most airlines have a priority service that lets you go through security checks faster. Depending on the time that you’re flying, a security check could take a matter of minutes or over an hour. The priority service will also allow you to embark earlier, which will again help you avoid getting your luggage checked due to a lack of space on the plane.

If managed correctly, an airport-to-airport transfer really doesn’t have to be difficult. The airport shuttle should be able to pick you up immediately and take you where you need to go. You just need to give yourself enough lead time to get to the airport, check any bags that you do have and go through security again. Often, you can find fantastic flight deals by doing an airport-to-airport transfer, and there are some trips that almost require one.