Five Helpful Tips For Ensuring A Smooth Hotel Experience For Your Wedding

Five Helpful Tips For Ensuring A Smooth Hotel Experience For Your Wedding

26 August

Whether you are having a local wedding or a destination wedding, you will most likely look into staying at a hotel for the night before and the night of this life-changing event. Planning a wedding requires extensive amount of time and effort on your part, or on those who you hire to handle everything. When you are looking at different hotels and your overall hotel stay, you should follow some helpful tips to make sure you have a smooth and positive hotel and wedding experience.

Accommodating Guest Room Size

If you plan on having your closest family members and friends in the guest room with you while you are getting ready for the ceremony, you need to make sure the hotel can accommodate everyone. It is also crucial to consider the room size when you get your hair and makeup done at the hotel.

Allows Hotel Block Reservations

Most of the hotels that you look through will offer room block reservations, which will allow you to reserve a number of hotel rooms for your guests to book at a discounted rate. When deciding on the final number of rooms you want to reserve, you need to think about each guest and their likeliness to stay in the hotel. For instance, your local family and friends should not be included, as well as family members that will be coming from out of town and have a place to stay with your family already.

Many hotels will ask that you pay for rooms that are not filled if you do not let them know ahead of time, so make sure to give yourself enough time to let go of reservations and avoid these costs.

Close to Wedding Location

Picking a hotel that is close to both the ceremony and reception is ideal, and this is because it prevents your guests from having to travel far in unfamiliar territory. However, an alternative you may have is to arrange for the hotel to supply shuttle services to the hotel guests to and from each location.

Provides Valet Parking

Although it might be a simple perk, you should not pass up on valet parking at your hotel. When you have little time on your hands and you need to get inside the hotel or to your room quickly, being able to give your car keys to a valet attendant and know that they will take care of the parking is a huge relief.

Has a Large Mirror

An easy-to-underestimate detail about hotels is having a large mirror. It will allow professionals that do your makeup and hair to work comfortably, and it will help you get ready and inspect your whole outfit.

When you take the time to plan as much as you can in advance, you should be able to reduce or eliminate most of the stress related to the wedding. Taking all of these tips into consideration will help you have an excellent hotel experience, not just for yourself, but for your guests as well.

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