Get More For Your Money: Four Tips On Seeing More By Paying Less When You Travel

Get More For Your Money: Four Tips On Seeing More By Paying Less When You Travel

16 September

For most people, travel time is both precious and severely limited. Few of us can afford to see everything we want to, so we must content ourselves with one or maybe two vacations per year. However, you can really stretch your money and check off more bucket-list destinations if you do your research.

Traveling using vacation packages is a great way to do a lot of traveling for low prices. When combined with the following four tips, vacation packages will probably allow you to get to a few more unforgettable destinations in each year:

Be flexible regarding your itinerary

It’s a good idea to start looking into vacation packages before you’ve actually requested time off work. This way, you can book a trip for whenever it’s cheapest rather than being forced to book on fixed dates.

Buying flight tickets and booking a hotel room are usually more expensive if you can only choose certain dates. If you can be flexible by flying mid-week or by heading to certain destinations during the off-season, your trip will turn out a lot less expensive than you were expecting. 

Look out for free tours

No matter what your destination is, there are probably a lot of free resources available that will allow you to see more. Simply try putting your destination name along with “free tours” into an Internet search engine and you’ll find some great ideas for free attractions you can enjoy. 

Pay attention to bank fees

Unfortunately, many travelers are just not aware of how much ATM withdrawal fees can add up during even a short trip of only a few days. Some banks charge not only a flat fee, but also a percentage of your withdrawal amount. It’s a good idea to ask a bank representative to explain what kinds of withdrawal fees you’ll be subject to, especially if you’ll be traveling in a foreign country. 

Shop around and find a bank that won’t charge you a lot for withdrawals to avoid a surprisingly low account balance when you return home. 

Get a group together

If you have a large family or a lot of friends, take advantage by getting a group together that will allow you to enjoy discounted group rates on vacation packages. Traveling with a group of friends or loved ones doesn’t just save you money, but it can also make your trip more enjoyable and your memories more endearing.