Two Tips To Help You Select The Right Boat Haul-Out Service

Two Tips To Help You Select The Right Boat Haul-Out Service

03 December

If you’re a boat owner, you are likely familiar with the phrase, “boat haul-outs service.”  During the hauling out process, your boat is essentially taken out of the water and given the maintenance procedures that allow it to continue to be seafaring.  Some of these items may include painting the bottom of the boat, or scraping the hull so that heavy buildup won’t occur.  Unless you are very experienced with boats, you may find the hauling out process to be a difficult one, and request the assistance of a professional.  Use this information as a guide so that you’ll select the right haul out contractor or company.

Find Out How You Will Be Charged

One of the most important considerations you need to keep in mind when selecting the boat haul out company that you will use is how they charge.  Boat haul outs tend to be either charged at a flat fee, or by the hour of yard time.  These two amounts could prove to be vastly different.

When you are charged by yard time, you are paying for the total number of hours spent working on your boat.  A flat rate is different because no matter how long the job takes, you are still paying the same amount.  Therefore, if you are working with a company who has agreed to remove heavy items from your boat so that it’ll be easier to lift, pressure wash it and paint the bottom, the price quoted won’t differ if you have a flat rate, even if the job completion date runs past the estimated timeframe.

Find Out How The Lift Will Be Accomplished

Pulling a vessel out of the water that sometimes weighs several thousand pounds is no easy feat.  It’s actually very dangerous, since one wrong move could leave you with expensive damages that you may not be able to afford.

That’s why it’s so important for you to find out how your boat will be pulled out of the water.  There are generally two techniques:  Forklifts and travel lifts.  Forklift hauling lifts your boat out of the water with hydraulic strength.  Travel lifts are almost equivalent to slings because nylon sheaths are place under the boat so that it can be hauled out of the water with a gentler method.

The best way to determine which type is best for your boat is to contact the manufacturer.  If you’ve chosen a company that lifts by forklift, you need to make sure that your boat was built with enough integrity to sustain the tremendous force of the forklift.

Selecting the right haul out service doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to do.  The next time you need to haul out, let these tips serve as a guide that help you make the right decision.