How A Destination Management Company Can Help You Expand Your Cooking Expertise

How A Destination Management Company Can Help You Expand Your Cooking Expertise

26 February

Are you a chef? Are you bored with all of the known recipes you have been taught and even the ones you have created for yourself? Maybe it is time to let your taste buds take a vacation. Here is how a destination management company can assist you.

More Than Just Tours

While it is true that destination management companies organize tours here in the United States and abroad, their specialties frequently involve weddings in exotic locations or gastronomy tours. These highly-specialized tours are meant for travelers who have very specific needs or wants in mind. The agents who work for these companies have greater expertise in these special interests and will manage every detail of the journey so you do not have to think about any of it. You just depart, accomplish your mission, enjoy your trip and return.

Handling Very Specific Requests

If you want to hire a “destination manager,” make sure you know exactly what you want and where you want to go. As a chef, you may want to tour some of the finest restaurants in all of Italy, or perhaps you would like to visit smaller, out-of-the way places, like pastry houses. Your destination manager may also have some behind-the-scenes information on some of the best kept secret restaurants, pastry houses or bakeries from all over the world. Any number of these destinations can be combined to create a complete trip, help you expand your experience as a chef and help expand your palate so that your creative cooking juices can begin flowing again.

Handling Other Details

Your destination manager cannot get your passport or visa for you, but he or she can manage everthing else. For example, you will need transportation to the cities and countries you plan to visit. Your destination manager will ask you when you would like to depart, book your flights, create your custom itinerary, and if you would like to rub elbows with some fellow chefs, bakers and pastry chefs in the places you will visit, he or she may call ahead an schedule personal interviews or time in the kitchens with these special people. As for travel around the cities, you may choose to go by subway train, taxi, bus or rent a car, all of which your destination manager can and will set up in advance for you by booking a rental car, buying reusuable subway train tickets or several subway coins, etc. Clear directions to and for everything will be given to you just before your departure.