3 Can’t Miss Photo Opportunities In The Southwest

3 Can’t Miss Photo Opportunities In The Southwest

29 April

One of the best parts of traveling is being able to share photos with friends and family. Great photos can make people feel like they were there with you. They are also great keepsakes that can be enjoyed for years after a trip is taken. The Southwest is full of natural beauty and has many views that make for amazing photos. Whether someone is a professional or just an amateur photographer, these 3 photo spots should be on the list for anyone visiting the Southwest!

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Hot air balloons can make for some stunning photos. Riding in one can produce amazing photos of the landscape below. Riders get an amazing bird’s eye view as far as the eye can see. Hot air balloons are also a great subject to photograph from the ground as well. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is a must for anyone traveling through New Mexico. There are other hot air balloon fiestas that take place in other parts of the US but the one in Albuquerque is the largest in the entire world. Over 500 balloons are launched during the festival. These balloons fill the sky and make for some unforgettable photos. 

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, with its immense size, has been a must see for over one hundred years. This massive canyon is more than one mile deep and up to 18 miles wide in spots. It’s also an easy place to visit with plenty of lodging and camping opportunities. Visitors can go on guided tours where they will see and be able to photograph many amazing sights. In fact, the Grand Canyon is popular enough to have the most geo-tags on Instagram for the state of Arizona. Nothing shows the scale of the Grand Canyon better than posing in front of some its incredible vistas. 

Zion National Park

For those who like to be immersed in nature, Zion National Park in Utah is hard to beat. This park has it all: mountains, rivers, canyons, arches, monoliths, and much more. The photo opportunities are numerous. Zion is also home to 207 species of birds, making it a bird watchers paradise. This national park is great for taking nature photos. It’s also a beautiful backdrop for family photos. With so much to see it’s definitely a can’t miss.

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