Four Things You Can Use A Hotel Conference Room For Besides Hosting A Conference

Four Things You Can Use A Hotel Conference Room For Besides Hosting A Conference

20 June

Most people, when they hear the phrase “hotel conference rooms,” immediately think of several round tables set for a luncheon and a long day of public speakers in a training session. While that image has stuck, hotels are doing more to try and change that image by focusing their advertising on other offerings. Here are four other things you can use a hotel conference room for besides a business conference or convention.


Wedding receptions are often more elegant in a hotel conference room. Hotels may also be able to make last minute accommodations when many of your guests either do not show up or you have more last minute guests attend your reception than you had counted on. Most hotel conference rooms have sliding panels that can cut the room down in size or open it up wider to accommodate larger or smaller wedding parties as needed. 


Senior Proms are often held in school gymnasiums just for the sake of affordability, but you could hold your Senior Prom in a hotel conference room instead. Schools and senior classes that choose to do this do so because they want a more upscale, trendy or classy-themed prom that does not really fit with a school gym. As an added bonus, the Senior Prom could be combined with the annual Senior trip, thereby reducing the expenses of both the hotel rooms for the trip and the cost to rent the conference room for the Prom.

Class Reunions

Class reunions are definitely well-suited to conference rooms in a hotel because people come from all parts of the country for the reunion and need a place to stay the night. Many hotels offer a very good package deal for a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town classmates and the use of the conference room of choice for the night. If classmates are traveling with family members, they can bring the entire family and the kids can stay in the hotel room while the parents attend the reunion too. 

Major Milestone Anniversaries

Couples who have been married twenty-five, fifty or sixty years may want to throw an anniversary party in style (or maybe you want to throw them a party in style–either way, this works well). A conference room can be set with silver, gold, platinum or diamond colored and themed anniversary party linens and accessories, and the hotel caters the party with whatever you like from their catering menu. If you have family or friends coming from out-of-state, they can stay in the hotel too.

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