The Vacationer’s Guide To Sharing A Cottage With Another Couple

The Vacationer’s Guide To Sharing A Cottage With Another Couple

19 July

Going on vacation with another couple can be a lot of fun. Having four people around keeps things lively, and you can always split up into pairs if you don’t all want to do the same thing one day. Sharing a cottage with another couple also saves you money, since you can split the rental fees. But this also comes with its intricacies, such as a lack of privacy and the need to agree on the way certain things are done within the rental home. To ensure the experience is a good one, follow these tips for sharing a vacation rental with another couple.

Use randomization to decide who gets which room.

If the two bedrooms are the same, then it probably does not matter. However, a lot of rentals have a master bedroom that is larger and has a better view — and then a smaller room that’s less remarkable. To prevent one couple from resenting the other because they took the better room, it’s best to decide this randomly. Flip a coin, draw straws, or roll the dice.

Designate the bedrooms as alone space.

Respect the other couple’s privacy and stay out of their bedroom, and request that they do the same for you. Make the common areas — like the living room, kitchen, and patio — the places where the four of you hang out together. This way, if either couple ever feels like they need some alone time, they can retreat to their bedroom and know that they’ll be alone in there. If they feel like socializing, all they have to do is come out.

Go grocery shopping together.

You want to prevent scenarios in which it feels like the other couple “stole” your food, or where they think you’ve eaten theirs. The best way around this is for the four of you to make a shopping trip together at the start of your vacation. Stock the fridge together, and have both couples pay half the cost. This way, you can all feel welcome to the food.

Designate a “cleanup” time.

A common issue that arises when two couples share a vacation rental is that one couple feels the other is leaving more of a mess or not doing their share of the cleaning. Get around this issue by scheduling a cleaning time each day, during which all four of you work together to clean up the space. This could be 30 minutes when you all first wake up or 30 minutes in the middle of the day when it’s too hot to go outside.

If you focus on working together, sharing a rental with another couple will be a fun adventure — not a nightmare. 

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