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Taxi Services Remain The Best Choice For Disabled Passengers

05 January

If you’re planning an outing with family members or friends who are disabled, and you’re thinking of calling a ridesharing company instead of a taxi service, stop. While ridesharing companies have made hailing a ride simple for some people, that hasn’t translated into better service for everyone, especially disabled people. Taxi services, on the other […]

How To Be Smart And Stay Sane At A Wedding Expo

09 December

You’re getting married—congratulations! After you’ve spread the good news, you’ll likely want to start planning your wedding. One of the most convenient ways to search for any vendor or rental supplies you need is through a wedding exposition. Wedding expos—also called bridal shows—gather dozens of vendors in one location for you and your partner to […]

Top Misconceptions About Purchasing An International Travel Or Vacation Package

01 December

If you are planning to take a vacation to an international location, it can seem overwhelming to make the travel arrangements on your own. Not only are you going to be faced with language barriers and miscommunications, you will have a lot to accomplish before you depart. Unfortunately, many travelers try to muddle through all […]

Birthday Bash? 4 Ways A Limo Could Improve Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

20 November

Want to create a memorable birthday for your child and their friends? More isn’t always better—sometimes it’s more fun for a child to have an incredible celebration with his or her closest friends rather than to have hundreds of classmates running around. With that in mind, a limo can greatly increase the fun when planning a birthday […]