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4 Benefits To Using A Shuttle Service For Your Next Event

21 January

If you’re planning an upcoming event, you may be thinking about how you will handle transportation. One way that you can lower the stress and make sure that things go more smoothly is by hiring transportation. Shuttle services and bus companies are able to transport small and large groups of people with ease. Take a […]

Two Tips To Help You Select The Right Boat Haul-Out Service

03 December

If you’re a boat owner, you are likely familiar with the phrase, “boat haul-outs service.”  During the hauling out process, your boat is essentially taken out of the water and given the maintenance procedures that allow it to continue to be seafaring.  Some of these items may include painting the bottom of the boat, or […]

Get More For Your Money: Four Tips On Seeing More By Paying Less When You Travel

16 September

For most people, travel time is both precious and severely limited. Few of us can afford to see everything we want to, so we must content ourselves with one or maybe two vacations per year. However, you can really stretch your money and check off more bucket-list destinations if you do your research. Traveling using […]

Five Helpful Tips For Ensuring A Smooth Hotel Experience For Your Wedding

26 August

Whether you are having a local wedding or a destination wedding, you will most likely look into staying at a hotel for the night before and the night of this life-changing event. Planning a wedding requires extensive amount of time and effort on your part, or on those who you hire to handle everything. When […]

Four Don’t-Miss Things To See While Touring Myanmar

14 July

Closed to international travel for decades, Myanmar has recently opened its borders to visitors from all over the globe. Now is an excellent time to experience this culturally vibrant and geographically enthralling country. Following are four don’t-miss things to see while traveling to Myanmar. The Irrawaddy River Dolphins This unique species of dolphin that lives […]

How To Manage An Airport-To-Airport Transfer

13 May

Occasionally, you may end up in a difficult situation — the airport-to-airport transfer. When you travel, sometimes you can find it cheaper, more expedient or simply required to fly into a city from one airport and out of the city from another. The difficulty inherent in this type of transfer is largely due to timing, […]